Our prior squad ran what was undoubtedly one of the most popular BHD servers. With the rise in its popularity, there were those squad members that wanted to: 1) Run the squad the way they wanted to, and 2) Take credit for its success while not contributing to the work required to run it.

As what had happened in past squads, General Maverick found himself in a major breakdown of the squad, where both server and web site were commandeered by a coalition of six prior and one active member.

Not only was general Maverick affected, but many of the new members, and some of the old members who knew nothing of the takeover, were left wondering what happened. After the smoke cleared, and the full situation was analyzed, we found ourselves left without our server, website, and most importantly, our squad that we were so proud to be a part of.

From the ashes of the former squad breakdown, StrikeForce Op’s was birthed on June 1st 2005. The game of choice was Black Hawk Down. As with any new squad emerging on the gaming front, strong leadership was required. Comprising of General Maverick, Lt. General Brum, Maj. General. Danny and Brig. General Sharps, the squad started to take shape, with many members contributing their skills, talents and devotion in building our new home.

With a temporary server in place, the building process of the web page began. General Maverick and Lt.Colonel Snow had the web page up and running within days, while Lt.Colonel SithLord, public relations officer, was establishing strong ties within the BHD gaming community, and alliances with several squads.

Other members jumped in, from designing new squad maps for the new server, to setting up matches, or to become good will ambassadors. While not all members can be mentioned here, their assets are listed in the *SFO* staff Roster.

With a solid foundation established, General Maverick began structuring the squad to bring out the best of all members; to now establish StrikeForce Op’s as a respected gaming squad.

With the Black Hawk Down server running flawlessly, new maps introduced weekly and the website updated daily, StrikeForce Op’s now started looking forward to the future and where they might end up.

September 2005, StrikeForce Op’s stumbled on to Battlefield 2 which opened new doors and opportunities for StrikeForce Op’s, But there was one problem with this new game we need to rent a game server that could host a ranked server.

November 2005, StrikeForce Op’s Rented a server box from Hypernia (www.hypernia.net) with this new server box StrikeForce Op’s was able to host their 50 man Black Hawk Down server and their new 64 man Ranked Battlefield 2 server.

With the demo release of 2142 early October 2006 StrikeForce Op’s started testing this new game out. With a demo server put in place StrikeForce Op’s had a head start in to the new gaming plat forum of 2142. After a few weeks of playing the 2142 demo the full game was released in late November 2006. StrikeForce Op’s had a full Ranked 2142 server up and running the day the full release came out.

With the success of 2142 General.Maverick and the staff of StrikeForce Op’s made the decision to move fully in to Battlefield 2142. After the success of 2142 *SFO* felt that 2142 had run its course and it was time to look in to a new game for the squad. With no games on the horizon, StrikeForce Op's didn't know which way the squad was heading. Members were getting bored with 2142 and the squad attendance was down. So in order to keep the squad going, Maverick decided to change the squad to a multi-gaming squad. With *SFO* now a multi-gaming squad, *SFO* started to look for new games that would work for StrikeForce Op's. StrikeForce Op's tried a few games like Call of Duty 4,Call of Duty 5 etc.. but it wasn't until Bad Company 2 in March 2010 that *SFO* would make a big change in the squad. StrikeForce Op's rented a server as soon as the game was released. With Bad Company 2's success StrikeForce Op's felt they still needed a few more games. When Call of Duty Black Op's came out in November 2010,they added it to their gaming list.

At the present time we are currently playing random games like Battlefield, Call of Duty any many more. Stop by our Discord to find out more.

SFO Squad

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